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Roof maintenance advice from a Roofer in Hatfield

Nobody wants to be faced with massive roof repair bills, but how do you know when your roof is in need of some attention? After all, not many people are confident or able to clamber up a ladder to inspect their roofs condition.

One of the easiest ways to keep your roof in tip top condition is to have a reputable roofer inspect the roof every year. They will be able to let you know if you have any areas that will need attention. You can also make some basic checks yourself too and you don't necesssarily have to leave the ground to make these checks. On low roofs, a quick glance may be enough to notice anything untoward, but a look through a pair of binoculars is a great way to see if any tiles are damaged or missing.

It is well worth checking your roof a couple of times a year just to make certain that all is well. A few minutes spent on this can quickly identify any issues that could, if left unchecked, turn into potentially costly problems further down the line.

Regular maintenance is the key to having a roof that will last many years. A simple maintenance regime can save a good deal of money and heartache in the future. When you consider that a single cracked roof tile can allow water to enter the roof space, potentially causing thousands of pounds worth of interior damage if left unchecked. The cost of a professional roofer replacing a single tile is minimal compared to the cost of a new ceiling or a loft full of damp property.

Sadly, many people see a single tile that has a crack and think that calling out a roofer for just one tile is overkill. Nothing could be further from the truth, failure to call one out for the single tile, could mean calling one out to replace an entire roof lining at a later date as the damp has rotted it away.

Getting to correct advice from a professional Hatfield roofer

T. J. Copping Roofing Ltd have been in the roofing trade for many years and pride themselves on offering a quality, professional service at a reasonable price. We are also happy to offer free advice relating to roofing maintenance or repairs in Hatfield. Below are a few tips to help you make an informed decision should you require a roofer to conduct a repair or maintenance to your roof.

Before you start, please remember to stay safe and not go up a ladder unless you have help or are used to working at height. Be aware that ladders, attic spaces and roofs present certain hazards if you are in any doubt, please consult a reputable roofer.

  • You can conduct an inspection through the loft hatch yourself. You may see daylight in the roof void that would suggest missing roofing felt or damaged roof tiles.
  • Wet walls or ceilings may indicate that there is a leak in your roof.
  • Moss and other organic waste can block gutters and retain a lot of moisture. This can damage the roof covering in frosty weather so removal is important.
  • Debris on the ground could be from broken slates or tiles and this indicates that there may be a problem.
  • Inspect your roof twice a year from ground level. You may be able to use a neighbouring property to get a better view of your roofs condition.
  • Leaning chimneys or pots may need attention. Also check for any smoke escaping through the brickwork if you have an open fire.
  • Roofing materials can become detached in windy weather if the pointing is not in a satisfactory condition. Check in your in gutters on low roofs or on the ground near to the property for signs of mortar droppings.
  • Remember that a quick bodge up with inferior materials will lead to more expensive repairs down the line. Always consult an experienced roofer in Hatfield if in any doubt. This is particularly important if you have a thatched roof or other specialist roofing material.

Roof maintenance in Hatfield

Repairing or replacing your roof in Hatfield can be a very expensive project to undertake. This is why just spending a few minutes a couple of times a year looking closely at your roof can help you to identify any roof maintenance requirements that will help prevent costly repairs at a later date.

When should you check the roof on your Hatfield property?

As long as you inspect your roof twice a year, usually in spring and again in the autumn, you should notice any obvious problems before they are able to become major headaches! People often identify roofing issues when they are cleaning their guttering and have noticed a slipped, cracked or missing tile. Another time we get a call is following a particularly bad storm where the roof has sustained some wind damage.

This twice yearly check will identify any obvious wear and tear to the roof, or any missing or damaged tiles, slates or other roof coverings. The old saying of a stitch in time saves nine really does apply to making an early diagnosis of roofing issues. Don't leave anything for too long as water ingress can literally destroy a property in a relatively short space of time.

Moss or algae on the roof can also become a huge problem, it looks unsightly and can also become dislodged, collect in the gutter causing them to overflow, damaging the brickwork. Moss also falls onto the surrounding area below, often causing a slip hazard for people walking near the property. If your roof is starting to collect moss or algae, we can install zinc or lead control strips to help keep the problem at bay.

If you see any signs of leaking, such as dark spots on the ceiling, or mould or dampness in your loft area, it would be wise to contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. Leaks in roofs will only get worse, and it will be better to spend a small amount on roof maintenance now, rather than a lot on a big repair later on.

A little Hatfield history

Hatfield House is the seat of the Cecil family, the Marquesses of Salisbury. Elizabeth Tudor was confined there for three years in what is now known as The Old Palace in Hatfield Park. Legend has it that it was here in 1558, while sitting under an oak tree in the Park, that she learned that she had become Queen following the death of her half-sister, Queen Mary I. She held her first Council in the Great Hall of The Old Palace of Hatfield. The remnants of the famous oak tree are now preserved in the museam within the park to this day, while a new oak has been planted in a marked location.

Hatfield has had aviation connections for many years. In 1930 the de Havilland airfield and aircraft factory was opened at Hatfield and by 1949 it had become the largest employer in the town, with almost 4,000 staff. It was taken over by Hawker Siddeley in 1960 and merged into British Aerospace in 1978. In the 1930s it produced a range of small biplanes. During the Second World War it produced the Mosquito fighter bomber and developed the Vampire, the second British production jet aircraft after the Gloster Meteor. After the war, facilities were expanded and it developed the Comet airliner, becoming the worlds first production jet liner, the Trident airliner, and an early business jet, the DH125.

British Aerospace closed the Hatfield aviation site in 1993 having moved the British Aerospace 146 production line to Woodford Aerodrome. The land was used as a film set for Steven Spielbergs movie Saving Private Ryan and most of the BBC/HBO television drama Band of Brothers. The Hatfield site is now predominantly housing, higher education premises and halls of residence, commerce and retail. Part of the former British Aerospace Hatfiled site was intended to house a replacement hospital for the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City, but the plans were shelved and now the Lister Hospital in Stevenage is the major hospital for the area.

So if you live in the Hatfield area and need a roofing specialist, why not contact T. J. Copping Roofing Ltd for a free, no obligation quote.

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