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Tiled roof repair and replacement services offered by tiled roofer T. J. Copping Roofing Ltd

Roof tile repair and replacement by T. J. Copping Roofing Ltd Roofing

Extensive experience with hundreds of types of tiled roofs

There are many different kinds of roof tiles, most of which are made from clay or concrete.

Whether there may be a roof leak or just some roof maintenance, T. J. Copping Roofing Ltd Roofing Specialists can nearly always resolve the problem with a simple roof repair.

However, if due to the age or the previous poor workmanship, your roof is beyond repair, T. J. Copping Roofing Ltd Roofing Specialists are more than capable of retiling your roof no matter what design, style, size or type of tile.

A slipped or missing roof tile can cause a leak in the roof area and this can lead to a massive repair bill to the interior of the house, so it's a good idea to have the problem addressed as soon as possible.

Several slipped tiles can undermine the integrity of the rest of the surrounding tiles and lead to slippage. This can mean that several tiles can slip off the roof and cause serious damage to the guttering. This in turn will lead to extra repair or replacement costs of the guttering.

So spotting these early warning signs could prevent some seriously expensive problems:

A damp interior or noticeable leaks could mean you have a cracked or slipped tile. If a tile has blown off, it should be replaced as quickly as possible to prevent water from penetrating the roofing felt underneath. You should also be aware that further tiles could blow of or become dislodged in high winds if there is one tile missing.

Roof tile repairs

If you are an experienced DIY enthusiast you may be able to fix a small problem on a low tiled roof, just make certain you are confidant with the correct procedure, have the right tools for the job and workmanship skills to tackle the project from start to finish. Remediation work by a professional following a shoddy DIY job could cost you more than employing a professional roofer in the first place.

Similarly, cleaning out gutters on low level roofs will allow water to flow away freely, but most roofing jobs, particularly involving roof tiles are best left to the professionals.

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